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It is a driving license that was adopted for the first time in 1947 in the USA and after it was introduced in Germany in 1974. It will then be adopted in several other European countries after the 1990s, like France, Britain, Spain and Italy. This driving license has a new concept, that of associating with offenses a certain number of points. Points which according to the mode of functioning of the country are subtracted or cumulated with each infraction according to the gravity of the infraction. Thus a motorist’s driving license will be revoked once a quota of points reached. This in relation with infractions.

Although the purpose of this permit remains to encourage responsible driving among motorists regardless of the country, the fact remains that there are differences in operation. There are two main types of operation of the driver’s license system with points.

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Systems of accumulation and deduction of points

The first is that of Germany, this system is said to be cumulative. The driving license is issued without points. Points are added every time an infraction is committed. The number of points added depends on the degree of the infraction. The more you accumulate offences, the more your points increases. Unfortunately there is a maximum number of points that leads to the final sanction. Your driving license is revoked.  Therefore there is a limit of points beyond which the driving license is withdrawn from his holder. This same system is also found in countries such as Ireland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Greece, although each country has its number of endpoints.

The second system is practiced in France. This system is said to be point withdrawals. A driving license is issued with a maximum number of points. In the beginning, you get 12 points or 6 points depending on whether the driving license is for adult or teenager respectively. The points will be removed after each offense. As soon as there are no more points on the driving license, it is withdrawn from the holder. This system is found in Latvia, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. It is also found in Italy and Spain except that here there are bonus points for drivers who commit no offense during a given period of time. There is also a limited number of bonus you can obtain. It should be noted, however, that each country has its maximum number of points for issuing a driving license.

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And what happens after?

Just as one loses points or accumulates points during the infringements, it is respectively possible to win or lose them depending on the type of operation. For this purpose, it is planned to have internships that will allow points to be collected in countries such as France, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain; however in these same countries the points are automatically recovered after a certain period without offense. As for Germany and the United Kingdom in the same way we lose the points.

With regard to the withdrawn permits, Germany and France advocate a lot more internships to regain possession of your driving license. In other countries the driving license is automatically returned to its owner after a period. In Croatia for example it is after 90 days. In Spain, it is after 3 months for professionals and after 6 months for others with initial points according to the type of operation.

A type of license widespread but not universal

Driving license with points are certainly widespread in many countries especially in Europe. All members of the European Union have gradually adopted this system to ensure responsible driving. However some countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden still refuse to adopt it. As a result, these countries always proceed by means of contraventions in case of non-respect of the Highway Code; among other things: speeding, alcohol, no seatbelt, phone while driving etc … Of course, each fine is followed by a fine depending on the offense and the level of the offense.

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