By | March 2, 2018
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To obtain a passport depends on the country where we are citizens. Each passport has a certain power according to the country; which is called the power of a passport. A power translated or represented by the number of countries in which the passport holder can travel without needing a specific visa for entry or border crossing. From this point of view, being a citizen of certain countries of the world is a privilege. These countries are therefore those with the best passports in the world or the most powerful passports many of which are known among the richest.

According to studies by Henley and Partners, Golden Magazine in terms of strong passports shows a slight difference in the different rankings as well as the number of countries from which they give access without a visa. Nevertheless, it is still the same countries which, although not having the same classification, appear there with always small margins of deviation from the countries of which they give access without visa. The next ranking is the one of the countries with the 10 most powerful passports in the world:

Poland tenth in this ranking can access on average 149 countries without specific visa requirements.

Hungary is ninth in the rankings for average access to 150 countries.

The Czech Republic and Malta are in eighth place for average access to 151 countries.

The seventh place is occupied by Iceland with an average access of 151 countries.

Austria, Greece and New Zealand are in sixth place with average access to 152 countries.

In fifth place are Canada and Ireland with average access to 153 countries.

In fourth place Japan, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Malaysia, Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland; with average access to 154 countries.

For the third place on the podium are USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, South Korea, France, Finland and Norway with an average access of 155countries.

The silver medalist of this ranking is Sweden with access to 156 countries.

The Golden Palm is for Germany and Singapore with each average access to 157 countries.

On the contrary,

At the bottom of this ranking are countries such as the country like Pakistan and Iraq, Eritrea, which are less than 30 destinations that can be reunited without a visa.