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A necessity that gives rise to several peculiarities

Having a work destination like Europe is very tempting. You have the possibility to go to any of the 28 countries of the European Union, or find a deal within the 31 countries of the European Economic Area, or the 6 countries of the European Association. Free trade. However, this requires you to possess certain documents thus making your presence as a legal worker in the host territory, including residence and work permits.

A residence permit is an administrative document that authorizes a foreign national to reside in a foreign jurisdiction beyond the period of validity of the visa. The work permit is an administrative authorization granted to a foreign national to work in a foreign country; he is in Europe appointed in several ways, credit card, residence permit, residence permit etc. These two documents are thus related and obligatory for any foreigner wishing to live and work in a European country.

No need for a work permit when you are a national of the European Union

However, as far as the work permit is concerned, this does not concern in any case the nationals of the countries of the European Union, in a member state of the European Union. Because benefiting from the community treaties on the principle of free movement of workers except some countries like Croatia who is a new member. However, this still requires a residence card of 3 to 6 months depending on the host country. Any other foreigner from a third country should report before either 8 days or 10 days in the town hall of the municipality where he resides to obtain it.

However, this does not include the fact that a worker from a third country (a country outside the union) who has received a work permit from a country of the European Union can, thanks to this same permit, work in a country member of the European Union other than the one who issued this permit. In most cases, obtaining a work permit in Europe requires, in most cases, a job offer whose proposed work contract complies with the legislation of the host country.

Three types of residence permit depending on the duration of the employment contract

Similarly, the residence permit also depends on a work contract, with the difference that you can obtain a residence permit for purposes other than work depending on whether the host country has judged that you are able to live there by your own or with the help of a loved one. So there are three types of residence permit according to the employment contract that you are negotiating.

We have a short-term residence permit for fixed-term contracts generally ranging from 3 to 12 months renewable.

We have a residence permit that goes from one year to five years, which in addition to identity documents for its design, it requires a certificate of residence and a map of independent workers for the self-employed. Renewable also after 5 years and may lead to another longer permit, the permanent permit.

The permanent permit has a validity of 10 years, and confers the status of permanent resident, being renewable only if your absences in the host country have not been very significant over this period of 10 years.

Sarah Murphy, 34 years old English, tells her story: “I lived in France for 6 years with a permanent residence permit, and later returned to England for a  period of 3 years consecutively. I had a new job, so I was obliged. I came back to France, and after 1 year, I wanted to renew my permanent residence permit, but it was refused”. You should understand that you automatically lose the status of permanent resident after 2 consecutive years outside the host country.

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