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Visa, definition and role

A visa is an official document issued by the competent authorities of a country, through an embassy or consulate, which a foreigner must present when he enters the territory of this country. Thus, according to the laws in force in each country, visas are required, either for any foreign national, or according to the nationality of the visitor. This is indeed the necessary condition for entering and staying for a certain period in this territory. However, it is not always sufficient because for countries like North Korea, there are great restrictions on the subject and sometimes refuse admission to their territory of all foreigners, even with a visa. The visa is usually a sticker, a stamp or seal apposed on a travel document which is most of the time, a passport.

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It usually indicates the authority that issued it, a date of issue, a period of use and sometimes the territory concerned. The visa is, for the nations that set it up, a way of controlling the flow of immigrants present on their territory. Countries like Saudi Arabia only give their visas in the framework of the Hajj (Great Muslim Pilgrimage), to immigrant workers (and businessmen) as well as to members of foreign families whose relatives live in the country. It should also be noted that some countries may decide bilaterally that visa use for their respective nationals is not necessary.

Problems obtaining visas

The visa, usually much more difficult to obtain than the passport, because it does not depend on the country of origin of the applicant, perhaps refused for several reasons. Among these reasons, one can have the reason for the request (for example, the consular authority of a country may refuse to grant a short-stay visa to a national who wishes to do more than one year)   ; it can also be the reason for fraud in the documents provided and the multiple errors in the request to provide. Also, you can refuse a visa to citizens with a criminal record, to those who are nationals of countries that do not have good relations with the host country … The list is long, very long even. The criteria for obtaining visas can be very subjective. Many of our clients have have had at least two visa refusals and tell us that sometimes the embassy do not even give them the reason for the refusal.

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Why buy a visa on this site   ?

Given the multiple number and causes of visa refusal these recent years, the number of visa applicants on our site has seriously increased. However, the reasons for refusing visas also increase with the number of visa applicants. Indeed, it is those who do not want to queue at foreign embassies and consulates just to get an appointment often unprofitable.  Needing to rally several specific destinations in a short time, those who do not have powerful passports, are required to have a visa to join these several locations, even the most obvious. They are illegal immigrants, business men, traders, workers, and sometimes single fathers in search of a better life for themselves and their families. We offer them the possibility of obtaining their visa in less than 15 days on this site in all speed and efficiency.

How do we proceed to obtain a visa on this site   ?

Let it be clear now, contrary to what most people think, we do not make visas on this site. What we do is get it for you. When you get in touch with our team, you submit us the scanned copy of your passport and then, depending on the country whose visa you wish to obtain, and the type of visa you wish to acquire, we take care to design necessary documents for the quick acquisition of your visa and we carry out all these procedures for you. Our skills, our experience and our contacts in the embassy or consulate contribute to our success.

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Then, when the obtaining procedures are completed, which usually takes 10 working days, the customer sends us his passport and, we take care to affix the visa requested on his passport. So, what we are doing is speeding up the legal procedures for obtaining visas through the many means at our disposal.

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Thus, whether for a short- stay visa (which may be for tourism, for business, for a short medical visit or for a transit on a territory …) or for a long- stay visa (for student, worker, educated minor, or family reunion), we take care of the handling and the acceleration of procedures (which may involve for us to provide documents related to the reason) as soon as we reach an agreement with our client who We have previously explained in detail the type of visa required. For example, if one of our clients asks us for a short-term visa for a business visit, we can take care, with his help or not, to find papers attesting that he is indeed owner or worker in a company that wants to visit the country he wants. This is just an example or part of an example.


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