Frequently asked questions

What documents do you provide on this site   ?

It is important to mention it again, on this site it is possible to buy a passport, buy an identity card, obtain a visa, buy a driving license, and obtain a diploma or a certification.

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How much does a document cost on this site   ?

Of course, some documents are more difficult to obtain, and others easier, according to their nature, their country of origin, factors influencing the degree of difficulty of obtaining. Thus, the price of the document depending on these factors and more, you will be able to have it only when you will be in contact with a member of our team after he knew exactly what you want.

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Are the prices at least affordable enough  ?

The goal of this site is to facilitate seriously obtaining the documents we provide, it will of itself for each document, we request an affordable and reasonable price that any person wishing to really get the document could pay.

How the documents we supply are delivered?

The documents we provide are delivered through a national or international shipping agency, depending on the position of the delivery address provided by the customer. We can use the services of the agencies like DHL, but also, on recommendation or requirement of the customer, to send via an agency which it will have chosen. However what should be noted is that the document is sent under a discreet envelope that can only be opened by the recipient.

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How long does the customer receive their document after the order   ?

The customer’s waiting time after ordering and payment varies between 5 and 15 days. 5 days for driving licenses and identity cards, 8 days for diplomas and certifications, 10 to 15 days for visas and passports.

Frequently Asked Questions

And if there was an error on a document sent by our team   ?

Everything is done so that no error is found on a document that we provide at the time of receipt of it by the customer. Indeed, between the design and the shipping of the document, there are three different levels of verification, including the verification of the client himself of a scan of his document that we send. But if in spite of everything, what has never happened, there is an error on the customer’s document that is either due to our services, or we fully refund the amount he has paid us with our apologies or we produce another document and ship it to you as soon as possible.

Are the documents we provide, although physically identical to the originals, authentic?

Thoroughness that we bring to the record in the corresponding database documents we design and print so, part even of our DNA. Because this is the most important and delicate part of our work and we are aware that the slightest mistake at this level could be very expensive for our customers and our reputation which was built largely on the satisfaction of our clientele. Of course, our documents, besides being physically identical to the originals, are indeed originals. Do not doubt it.

What notes do we write about the degrees and certifications we design   ?

As you can imagine, it depends on the customer’s requirements, and of course stay calm, the price does not vary according to the rating. Since clients who wish to buy diplomas and certifications do so for specific reasons, they have the right to have requirements on the grades they wish to have for the degrees or certifications they order.

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