By | March 2, 2018
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A visa is an official document issued by the competent authorities of a country that a foreigner must present when entering the territory of that country. Depending on the legislation of some countries, visas are required for any foreign national. For the most closed countries in the world, sometimes it is not enough, although difficult to obtain. However, having a visa is a very useful condition when you enter foreign territory and intend to stay there.

From advantages to the time limits and assurance to obtain your visa while avoiding any hassle.

Obtaining a visa is not always an easy task, and it is not even a guarantee that it will be granted either. Therefore, buying it may be an option not to neglect depending on your destination, the time in which you plan to travel and so on. Buying a visa has many advantages that make it possible to overcome visa difficulties, especially in the most closed countries in the world, including: Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Kiribati and Nauru. All these countries require visas to enter even though it is not easy to get them.

One of the main advantages is undoubtedly about the delay, because for some countries the wait for a visa can take up to 7 weeks, this is the case of Eritrea, which is considered as one of the most closed countries to the world and one of the factors should be the delay for obtaining the visa.

The second advantage is the assurance of having one’s visa, because in a country like Eritrea not only is the timeframe long enough, but more than 75% of the cases will be refused for reasons that remain the same till now our days a mystery. Buying your visa in view of these two advantages not only allows us to be faster, but also not to wait in vain.

Another advantage is avoiding all the protocols to which certain visas issued by certain countries are subject. In Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan the issuance of visas is associated either with a guide or with a travel agency that will not leave you during your stay. Moreover, in Saudi Arabia, women can only obtain visas if they have male relatives.

The outline of the procedures is also an advantage of the most important. For countries such as Kiribati and Nauru have very few consulates or embassies in the world. For example, Kiribati has only 4 consulates in the world and Kiribati has only one consulate in Europe in Ireland. Thus a Frenchman wanting to go to Nauru is first forced to go to Ireland to hope to obtain a visa. As a result, it is much easier to buy it than to make such a move, the guarantee of which is hardly guaranteed.

Countries like Russia, North Korea issue their visas by invitation after a very thorough study of the visa application. So obtaining your visa is based on the fact that these countries gauge the usefulness for them of your visit to their country. Therefore it may be wise to buy the visa rather than lending yourself to this risky bet.

However, the visa is sometimes not a sufficient condition

After having explored these main advantages it appears that the purchase of a visa presents many opportunities. However, one disadvantage is that having a valid visa does not guarantee that you will enter the territory of this country. Because effect depending on the circumstances border authorities may decide not to let anyone in for a moment. As a disadvantage we can also give the cost of the visa, although this is still depending on the country where you want to go.

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