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The documents we offer are of indisputable authenticity because we use our extensive network of contacts within the specialized institutions to make them.

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Whether to buy a passport, buy a visa, a driver’s license, a residence permit or work permit, or a national identity card, we guarantee total success. Because, our documents are registered in all the corresponding databases and enjoy a credibility equal to those obtained by the normal way, being identical to these.

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Contacting us to buy a travel document also allows us to obtain additional information about this document from us, because we also advise our customers a lot about the role of the document they buy from us and tell them if this document can actually satisfy their trip plans or not.

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We also ensure that the data we collect here is not disclosed anywhere else and that it is deleted 14 days after the order, whether or not the customer actually made the payment.

We also provide “proof documents”

We also offer our customers various tips for circumventing certain document systems and credible credentials when they nevertheless want to obtain a document in the normal way. These proofs can be a seminar in a foreign country, a marriage, a family reunion or any other, of which we provide the documents of proof.