By | March 2, 2018
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More or less important differences

Driving license in Europe differs according to the countries. This can be either by the way of obtaining, or by the cost. However even in all these countries the prices are not uniform. Prices vary according to the region where the candidate passes his driving license test, the driving school used by the candidate for his apprenticeship or depending on the type of Highway Code. This is why we will talk more about the minimum cost and the maximum cost depending on the country. We will present the particular case of countries such as: Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain. Given that among these different countries some are recognized as the most expensive in terms of driver’s license and others as the cheapest, we will classify them from the most expensive to the cheapest.


The most expensive country in terms of driving license among these 5 countries is Germany, which is even considered the most expensive in Europe for driving licenses. The minimum cost of the driving license is 1200 euros but it easily reaches 1600 euros; and in some parts of Germany further to the west, the price of a driving license can reach 2,100 euros. In Germany passing a driving license test is more complex because in addition to the theory test and the practical test, candidates must undergo a vision test and obtain a first aid certificate. However, Germany is more flexible in that a candidate obtains the precious document between 2 and 6 months; a much shorter time than in many European countries.


France is the second most expensive country in terms of permits among these 5 countries and maintains the same rank in all Europe. The price for a permit in France is at least 1200 euros and at most 1600 euros. Passing a driving license in France requires a minimum driving time of 20 hours. And here we can hope to have this precious sesame (driving license) only after 6 months. Provided we are intelligent enough…


Portugal is the third most expensive of these three countries in terms of driving licenses. Nevertheless it is not his rank considering all Europe. The price for a driving license in Portugal is at least 760 euros and at most 900 euros. Here, to pass requires to be holder of an apprenticeship license and asked to spend on average 32 hours of driving including 6 hours of driving via a simulator.


The fourth of this ranking is one of the cheapest in Europe: Spain. Indeed a driving license in Spain costs at least 700 euros and at most 800 euros. The examination of the driving license is done same as in France, with a practical test lasting on average 26 minutes and a theoretical part comprising questions on the Highway Code. Nevertheless, here one makes sure of the aptitude of the candidate to check the pressure of the tires, the level of the brake fluid and others. The initial number of points obtained on the license is 8 and after 3 years without infractions it goes up to 12.


The cheapest of this ranking is the cheapest of all Europe: Italy. The cost of the driving license in Italy is at least 530 euros in which are included tax stamps, the registration fee, medical examination fees and 6 hours of compulsory courses. However, given the small number of compulsory course hours, the cost of a candidate can exceed the minimum price and reach the maximum of 800 euros.

Marco Vallon, a young Frenchman, tells his story: “When I wanted to do my license as an Italian mother, I went to my grandparents’ house in Italy to pass my license not only more easily but at a low price because in Paris, where I live in addition to being very expensive the success rate obtaining the driving license does not reach 50%, but when I came back I had to bump up a lot of hassles for my document to be recognized in France until I ask myself if it would have been better to do it here. ”

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