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Buying a residence permit in Europe, what can be the advantages and disadvantages   ?

Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinTumblr The work permit and the residence permit are administrative documents authorizing a foreign national to work respectively, and to stay beyond the validity of his visa in a foreign country. They are therefore essential for any foreigner wanting to live in foreign territory. In Europe, for example,…Read More »

A review of the different categories of driving license in the European Union.

Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinTumblr In Europe since 26 December 2006 a driving license harmonization directive has been issued; from the issuance rules to the license categories and the permissible gross weight (GVW). Without, however, changing country- specific elements, such as cost, license term and others. Thus several categories of license are defined having a correspondence…Read More »