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The work permit and the residence permit are administrative documents authorizing a foreign national to work respectively, and to stay beyond the validity of his visa in a foreign country. They are therefore essential for any foreigner wanting to live in foreign territory. In Europe, for example, the most requested of these two permits is that of residence, because it is obligatory for all foreigners; both for those from a European country and for those from other continents. In addition, the work permit is only obligatory for foreign nationals coming from countries of other continents than Europe. Because those from a European Union countries enjoy free movement treaties for European workers. Obtaining these different permits can be done on the purchase option failing to obtain them as usual. Taking the option of buying documents certainly has advantages, but also disadvantages.

Considerable benefits

Obtaining these permits can be painful, given the conditions that are often required to have them. For example, obtaining a work and residence permit already requires in Europe that one can already have on hand a proposal for an employer’s contract to be submitted. This is not as easy as that for a foreign national from another continent, since he would have at least needed his residence permit to try to get a possible contract of employment. In the same way, there are several types of residence permits, each having its own procedure which depends equally on the type of employment contract of the potential employment contract that is proposed.

For example one may wish to have a permanent residence permit while the contract is not time- limited. Also, one may have lost one’s permanent resident status after spending too much time outside one’s country of residence. This leads to the inability to renew a permanent residence permit, which is sometimes a necessity for acquiring and keeping certain jobs in Europe. In view of all these difficulties of obtaining, it can be very interesting to buy some. Also, when one decides to buy it, one is surer of obtaining it than by the administrative procedures.

Just as important disadvantages

The first drawback of the purchase of a residence or work permit is the non-legality of the process which could lead to an eviction. The second disadvantage is the quality of the permits purchased, because at the very least these licenses should be able to compete in many ways with those issued administratively. The third disadvantage is that we cannot judge the reliability of these licenses, which could make us lose a job once they have proven to be wrong. The cost of these permits is also a disadvantage because despite all the uncertainties about its quality, and the risk incurred by its non-legality, it is not less expensive. Cost that depends on the type of residence permit, and increases depending on the size of the type of permit you want to buy.

Floyd Teucer, a young American, tells his story: “I first came to Europe as a student, and all these years here have made me want to stay to work here. At the end of my work visa, having not yet had a work contract proposal to apply for a residence and work permit, I then opted for the purchase of a short-term residence permit in order to give me the time to find work and to take the necessary steps to have one legally. Lucky for me everything happened as I had wished.

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