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A passport is a document certifying the identity and nationality of an individual. It is issued by an administrative authority of the country of which the individual is a national or citizen. This enables the holder to go abroad or cross borders between countries. Thus having the nationality of a country, requires you to be a citizen of that country.

Since it is an administrative document, there is a whole process for acquiring it. This process that can only be started if we meet the basic requirements such as being a citizen of the country that delivers you a passport. For this purpose, having your passport can be very time consuming, depending on the country and when you finally decide to get it or renew it. Because during busy times, for example, getting your passport is much harder. We refer to vacation periods especially .Therefore, the purchase of a passport can be very useful in that it has several advantages.

Talking about time range is more convenient…

One of the main advantages of buying a passport is the time interval of obtaining the document. Indeed, buying your passport saves your time from relying on the providence of administrative delays which always tend to be exceeded during peak periods. Moreover, this avoids having to go through this long process of identification and certification of documents. While purchasing a passport, the time lapse is shorter. We can count few days, and not in number of weeks as when done by the administration.

This is very important because, for example: one can be required to assist in the short time to the presentation of his daughter at the London Conservatory while one is resident in Lille France and that your passport must be made or to be renewed before you can travel. It would be wise enough to buy your passport to save time and avoid all the administrative procedures provided for this purpose.

Get a passport of your choice, it’s even better

The second and by far the biggest advantage is the fact that you can choose the passport you want. Let’s not forget that the power of a passport is very important because it characterizes the capacity of its holder to go to a larger number of countries without the need for a specific visa.

Therefore, depending on your destination, coveting a passport like the German passport that is the most powerful in the world allowing you access to countries without a visa is a boon. A boon that you can afford to have even if you are not a German citizen and enjoy the same benefits as a German citizen, because all you need is to buy your German passport.

Disadvantages quite obvious, but not so outrageous ……

The purchase of a passport has many possibilities that cannot all be listed but the main ones show how important this can be. The only drawbacks existing nevertheless on the fact of buying a passport is first of all the cost. Because indeed it is much more expensive and that is justified with the advantages which they are accompanied. The second disadvantage concerns the fact of choosing the passport of a country of which you do not know the language. It is important that when buying a passport, you should be cultured about the country either socially adapted or linguistically cultured.  In the case you lack certain common notions, you might be embarrassed. This can cause harm during some intense checks. But in general, you just have to be yourself.

Grégoire Deauville, a young French doctor, tells his story: “After graduation, several comrades had decided to do some sort of world tour to discover new countries, one of us waiting for his Passport to be out. The waiting was so long that he finally decided to buy a German passport. It was a success in such a short period of time. He then proposed us to do the same because we had the opportunity to visit several countries which France did not have access without visa unlike Germany. In addition, visas took a long time to be delivered. We all did the same and had a wonderful trip. Until today I have this passport and use it sometimes when I do not want to burden myself with a visa. Except that, since that time I started learning German to look a bit more like a German. Quite interesting. »

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