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A national identity card is an official document identifying an individual, including information such as: age, height, place of birth and others. Its constitution is done is done with at least a birth certificate and an extract of criminal records according to the country in question. It is a free document and depending on the country and the period solicited, it may take much time to be issued. It is not always mandatory, but useful for any citizen who wants to be identified during at least one check.

This document is at the base of many other things, such as when applying for a job, when you want to have a voter card, when you want to create a bank account or when you wish to do monetary transactions. It is therefore essential for a citizen of a country to process an identity card. Also, it will be good and desirable for a foreigner living in a country to obtain a national identity card of the country that he currently resides, given the advantages that such a document can confer. As a result, it is more advisable to buy one’s national identity card than to seek to acquire nationality, because this purchase has many advantages.

Nationality and naturalization needs immediately satisfied

The first advantage is that one can own an identity card without necessarily acquiring the nationality of this country. Indeed we all know that the other way to have a national identity card while being foreigner is to obtain the nationality of the country. And acquiring the nationality is a whole process on its own. However, not everyone would like to acquire a nationality other than that of their country of origin, and not all countries accept dual nationality.

The second advantage is for those wishing to acquire the nationality of their host country, either by naturalization or by reinstatement. This procedure is very long and naturalization is an administrative decision pronounced by decree of the Minister in charge of naturalization. In France, for example, one must have been domiciled in France for five years after having applied for French naturalization, and on a regular basis according to the laws in force of foreigners living in France; after which, if the decree is favorable to the request, it will also be necessary to prove that one has a residence in France before it is signed. For this purpose it is better to buy a national identity card even if it will be possible to begin the naturalization procedure.

In view of these two advantages, the third advantage is the ability to possess in each of your host countries the apparent status of a citizens. Thus to be able to enjoy the benefits that a citizen can enjoy in this country, including: employment, insurance, etc. Buying a national identity card is therefore more than a necessity for a foreign national.

The disadvantage of the non-payment of the national identity card purchased

The disadvantage of buying a national identity card is more about its cost. Because indeed a national identity card is a document that is free for all the natives of the country wanting to acquire it.

Rita Marconi, a young Italian, tells her story: “After high school I came to do my graduate studies of technology in France. All my friends and school friends being older than me could already go to clubs, as for me my age did not allow it yet. I had to buy a French identity card that opened the doors to all this, which was a very good experience for me.”

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