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Definition and role

The national identity card, or identity card, is an official document that allows an existing and physical person to prove his identity. In most of the countries where it is established, detention is mandatory, with a few exceptions such as France and Italy. This document is also, for most countries, proof of nationality. In some countries, it has the same value as a passport within the country. In several other countries, such as France and Belgium, it usually contains a chip that contains information such as fingerprints and information about the holder’s profile. This is called a biometric identity card.

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Why buy an identity card from a country other than mine?

While it is true that in several countries using the identity card is a proof of proper identification, many clients use this fact to their advantage. Indeed, to make it much easier to obtain the nationality of a country of their choice in which they already live or in which they intend to arrive, many of our customers choose to acquire the identity card of that country. It is true that in countries like France, you need a certificate of nationality to justify the nationality, but generally the identity card is enough.

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Some of our clients also use this to naturalize their families from abroad, and others to circulate freely in some countries and then enjoy all or almost all the advantages of this nationality. Thus, buy an identity card on this site and easily acquire the nationality of the country in question because in most countries, to make an identity card by legal means it is necessary to present several documents among which several proof of nationality like the birth certificate, nationality certificate, naturalization decree … So, when you have an identity card, it is assumed that you have passed all these steps and therefore that you have the nationality of the country in question.

How do we proceed to design the identity cards we provide on this site?

The principle of obtaining identity cards by our team is very similar to the principle of obtaining passports on this same site. Indeed, it is simply, as explained on our home page, to produce identity cards through our sophisticated devices and our team of computer scientists, who, using data provided by our customers upon request, produce documents that are physically identical to the originals. Then, for the document to become truly original, then intervenes our team of hackers who, with the help of our contacts in the government of the country concerned, introduce themselves rather discreetly into the databases to record the document provided. This then renders to the document obtained all are originality and all its legality. The document is then sent to our customer via a sending agency to an address that has been specified by the latter.

Buy a national identity card

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How to buy an ID card on this site   ?

As for all the documents we provide on this site, just contact us via the contact page whose link is on all pages of this site. Of course you must first read all the information about the document on this site in order to facilitate the discussions with our team. After having spent your control card identity National, and after giving us given all the information to register above and the interior of the chip, you get your document in less than 10 days comes discreetly at home or at another address that you have mentioned.

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  1. Graysondolan

    National ID card received, even if it is more expensive than the passport you gave me last week. In short, we will have to reduce prices a bit for people who come back like us.

  2. typhany

    I just found the French nationality that I lost in very painful conditions thanks to you, thank you


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