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Driving license, Presentation.

The driving license is an official document that gives the administrative right to driving a vehicle in a given country. It gives the right to drive on one public road one or more vehicles that can be an automobile (Category B for less than 3500 Kilograms and C for more than 3500 Kilograms), a motorcycle head (Category A), a moped, a truck (Category C), a bus (Category D), or for coupled vehicles (Category E).

When an individual commits a traffic accident, the absence of his license automatically entails the absence of insurance coverage. Also, in the event of material or human damages, the penal procedure is much more severe, going in some cases up to the accusations of premeditated murder.

Generally, the driving license is obtained from 18 years with some exceptions as for the AM license in most of the European Union which allows the driving of mopeds whose speed is limited to 45 km / h from 14 years old.

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The international driving license, contrary to what many may think is only the translation of a national license in several languages, and which allows the driver to drive only in countries that recognize it. Only valid for a maximum of three years, it must be grouped together with a valid national license.

Why buy a driver’s license on this site   ?

Customers who use our driver’s license services on this site have several reasons to motivate them. They make us very often part of it.

A difficult and stressful practice exam

If just being a little bit smart or studious to get by on the written driving test, the practical exam for many of our clients requires much more than that. ”   This is a not very academic exam, “say several. While it is true that during a school examination the candidate has a certain amount of time to think about a given question, the examination of the driving license is of the action- reaction type, the ticking. No time to think, the driver must be one with his vehicle. Also, the driver faces unforeseen situations that he braves for the first time, not having the same professionalism as an experienced driver.

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Driver’s license examination is also a physical and mental test. First physical because it takes a lot of energy and enjoy all the physical features of your body. Many of the customers who buy the driver’s license at home admit that they had already failed the exam from the beginning because the feet are already shaking on the pedal, hands shaking on the wheel and face all wet you agree that it is difficult to walk ten meters without making a mistake … Of course all these physical failures are linked to an unmaintained stress which itself is caused by the difficulty and the important nature of the test

A relatively expensive document

Many people use our driver’s license services simply because they already know how to drive, but they do not have enough money to take driving lessons and to take a driver’s license exam. Especially when they do not know how many times they will have to succeed. They justify it by the fact that the more one invests to obtain the driving license, the more one is stressed. In addition, buying a driver’s license on this site usually costs less than 1000 euros, which is very far from what it really takes to get a driver’s license in several countries of the European Union for example, which can sometimes reach the 2000 euros without insurance to obtain the document . Those who take the risk of investing in the normal way sometimes end up using our services because they have not succeeded in spite of multiple attempts having cost in total several thousands of euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jobs conditioned by driving license

It is sometimes one of the biggest and most common pressures to obtain a driver’s license in any country in the world. Sometimes it is a physical, moral and financial investment to get a job, or a risk that is just taken to be eligible for a job application. Because of this additional factor that increases stress and pressure, many of our customers prefer to purchase a driver’s license from this site. There is also sometimes a problem of delays, which makes it more appropriate to use a faster method.

Several other reasons may cause some people to become our customers in the context of the purchase of the driver’s license on this site, such as the non-credibility of certain driving schools, the very subjective nature of certain driving instructors, technical problems during the examination of the driving license…

How do we proceed with the design of the driver’s licenses that we sell on this site   ?

The principle is the same for passports and identity cards, we design and print the document by us using the skills of our computer graphics and those of our powerful devices that emerge a driver’s license physically identical in all respects to the original regardless of the country concerned by the driving license. Then comes the second part, which consists of saving the document in the databases of the country concerned and / or the institution governing driving licenses in the country (Prefecture for France, DVA and DVLA for Great Britain, IMT for Portugal, and DGT for Spain …). This step, we do it with the help of our hackers and our contacts in the institutions States governing driving licenses in the countries concerned. After this second step, your driving license gets all its authenticity.

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Finally, how to buy a driver’s license on this site   ?

To order a driver’s license on this site, simply fill out the form on the contact page in which you fill in your email, your country and the document you want to buy, which in this case will be the driving license. Then you get in touch with our team member who gives instructions to follow whether it is for payment or for personal information that will be written on the document.

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  1. romiflix

    Is it possible to obtain here a driving license with two different categories ?? Thank you for quickly answering me.

  2. edmundslown

    The police stopped me recently, checked my license when I had burned the fire (sorry, I had to take my sick daughter to the hospital) and there was no problem and they handed me the permit as if nothing was wrong. Your service is a real bargain.

  3. cedricrogers

    Thank you, for the document, I received yesterday around 11 am at my home campaign as I have so well specified. Thank you

  4. Alonsokane

    A driving license as easily ?? This is really the apotheosis of the technological evolution of our era

  5. lawrencesplint

    I just received my driving license and personally, I find the offer very interesting. I will be back with several friends from college.

  6. Anderson J.

    I live in this country for almost 3 years and I had big problems to convert my driving license B. They told me that no cooperation agreement linked my country of origin with this one in terms of driver’s license. I followed several procedures but it did not work. Can I buy a legal and authentic driving license on this site? Or am I obliged to re-pass the driving license ?? Also I know how to drive because I have never committed any offense since I drove.


      Hello, we have written to you in private to have more information about your situation and to offer you our help. Also, of course, you can place your order here and get your document 5 to 6 days later under closed cover.

  7. jacobbaro

    What if I want to increase category A to my driver’s license already purchased from you ?? Thank you.

  8. beroydesnond

    My license was recently withdrawn for a traffic offense and if it had not been your assistance, I would not have taken the road before 2 years. Thank you for allowing me to continue to visit my sick grandmother in the country on a regular basis, and which I particularly love.

  9. Paul Stean

    Hello, I bought my license here 3 months ago and I would like the same for my new girlfriend who would like to enjoy this service too. I’m coming back here because your service was really impeccable for me and I very much hope that it will be for her too. Remember, you promised me a 20% discount if I came back with someone else. Now it’s done …


      Hello sir, thank you for trusting us again. We will get back to you in less than an hour to confirm the terms and conditions.


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