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In many ways, buying a driving license has many benefits, which are many sources of motivation. You can buy a driver’s license under any scenarios, provided the objective remains the same: to demonstrate your ability to drive a car properly. The first scenario can be the purchase of a driver’s license by someone who does not know how to drive or has never driven a car in his life. The second scenario can be the purchase of a license by a person who knows how to drive, no matter where and how he learned. But whatever the scenario, the benefits remain the same:

Driving License purchased much cheaper and express services offered

This should not be up to the standards of everyone. I am talking about what the government has planned for those who earn low income but need a driving license. You might write the exams several times before you succeed. This is not a pretty good Idea. We can also talk about the extremely high fees required to undergo a complete course, as from classes to exams including practical and theory. If you cannot spend 6 months or more than 3000 euros, then you will never claim that you have a driving license. Considering France and Germany, the conditions are really time and money consuming…

Certain persons who believe that they are able to drive a car properly will prefer the purchase of a driving license. The simple reason is that, the certainty that you will have a driving license is and more to that, you will avoid the terrible exams. If you have the right connections in the government, than, there is no need to worry about time consuming and useless studies in driving schools. One can therefore decide to buy a driving license from a trust worthy contact, nor matter the price. This is an advantage. Get express services combined to affordable cost.   I will not forget to mention this young Italian residing in France. Before going to France for job purpose, he decided to buy an Italian driving license such that he could easily catch up with his job. He was a pizza delivery agent. He is currently working safely and hence making much money earlier than he expected. Do not be surprised that he will soon buy different categories of his driving license. This in order to quickly change his job for maybe a better one.

Time constraints, deadlines, and difficulties during exams.

Time limits are beneficial, because passing one’s license requires a minimum concentration. Concentration requires some time. You must be concentrated to do some work. Work that does not pay in cash is never welcome. Waiting, studying for the exam is a stressful activity. Even if you are rich enough to follow the procedure several times while failing the exams, you might convince yourself that in the final analysis you are dumb. NO, you are not stupid. You have better worries and better problems to handle. Taking something as a personal challenge is good, but wasting your precious time and money because you are just being heady, is not good. If you have failed the exams several times, this means you did not have to concentrate. Our daily life activities, including family, current job, are making the whole thing so difficult. Following the same course several times, writing the same exam several times has never pleased anyone.

Here for example you can be a job seeker who must send a file for post upgrading. The deadlines are close, Will you prefer to pay for a driving license such that you can have a chance to upgrade, or you will prefer to wait and upgrade next year. Let us recall that maybe it will be your third time to rewrite this exam. Even my 3 years old son will be wise enough to give a try to this opportunity knocking at your door.

It is also an advantage for all those with the phobia of exams or any psychological trauma because of stress during practical driving license exams. It does not mean you don’t know how to drive a car. It simply means you are not comfortable when you have strangers around you. Worse, these stranger near you is there to judge you. Indeed, many people know very well how to drive on their own and in their own cars, but only because of peer pressure and panic, you find yourself failing the driving license exam. That’s why the solution for you will be to pay cash. Life is about the next step. Only God can judge.

And if I do not know how to drive?

However, whoever buys without knowing how to drive is a real danger to the society. It is not advisable. You better ask your husband or wife, mum or dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, to help teach you. However if you feel a little sense of responsibility, you can still learn how to drive after buying.  Same as buying after learning to drive; because everything being equal, buying a driving license does not necessarily lead to driving.

Maria De Rossi, young Spaniard, tells her story: “I came to West Germany very young for my studies, after one year, i was already sick and tired of this time consuming public transport that restrict your movements all the time. During the holidays, I decided to pass the German exams.  I am a foreigner in Germany, what do I do. A friend of mine did not hesitate to tell me his little secret. After all we are best friends. With 2 500 euros, I bought a German driving license and that was the end. »

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