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Residence and work permit, presentation

A permit to stay or work permit is a document authorizing administrative law an individual to reside or to work in a region, country or group of countries for a period generally limited. The duration of this period depends on the type of permit. It is used by foreigners including self-employed, job seekers, some foreign students and others … However, when you are a national of the European Union, you can stay and work in another country of the European Union without the need for a residence permit.

Buy a residence permit or a work permit

Why buy a residence permit on this site   ?

Many people use the services we offer on this site mainly because of the speed and originality of our services. Our clients constantly complain that when they legally apply for a residence permit, they sometimes even wait longer than the requested length of stay. And suddenly, they find themselves sometimes illegally on foreign territory because their visa has expired.

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They are therefore obliged to use our services for the purchase of residence or work permits for countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and even countries of the European Union or Space. European Economic…

Also, the originality of the documents we provide encourages our clients to decide very quickly about trusting us because most of them arrive at our home by recommendation from a friend or relative.

How do we proceed to obtain your residence permit on this site   ?

With the influx of increasingly computerized residence and work permits, the design of this document in our company is done in two stages. The first part consists in the design and printing of the document with a model depending on the country or zone in which our client wants to stay. Then comes the most complex part which is the introduction of computerized data in the printed residence permit, as well as the registration of it in the databases of the country concerned. This is done with the help of our hackers whose work is facilitated by our embassy and consulate contacts. Thus, we obtain an authentic document whose originality cannot suffer from any challenge whatever the authority that controls it.

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How to buy a residence permit or work permit on this site   ?

I s simply here to fill the form on the contact page to get in touch with our team. Then we will tell you what to do to make the payment and send us the information that will be written on the document you want to buy. After ordering and sending your data, wait 5 to 6 days to receive your document discreetly.

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  1. samlepompier

    Thanks to you, I finally got my work permit in Poland for 2 years. Glad to be legally in this country that I love so much.


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