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Story of the world, story of the people and the nations, while these stories preach about equal rights of all men, regardless of race, culture, origin or what so ever visible difference, this preaching has never been even or same for each individual. Thus, each individual has his own story and his own realities.

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Among these realities is the need to move around the world freely and without worry, to legally drive a vehicle, to have a nationality or citizenship of one’s choice, to live and work freely in a given country for a given period of time, and finally being able to support our educational background with the help of a diploma or certificate that can open several doors to employment or social development. Thus, we respect the fact that everyone wants to get an identity document, a visa, a driver’s license or a diploma of his choice.

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However, in today’s world, meeting these needs has not always been easy. Talking about those who, because of a law, a review or some very complex set of rules not permitting them to make a move in their lives, or do not have access to the document allowing them to satisfy one of the needs mentioned above.

Our company, nowadays strong of its popularity in the world of acquiring documents, was born in this context of non-respect of the individual rights in the setting up of procedures of obtaining. Why should it be so difficult to get a document when we have been honest all our lives? To overcome this imbalance, we were born in 2005. We provide Passports, visas, residence and work permits, driving licenses, diplomas of all kindsEuropean national identity cards in particular and for the rest of the world in general. So, you will order on our website for a passport, a visa, an identity card, a residence or work permit, a driver’s license, a diploma or a certification of your choice, be it a master’s degree, or any other degree of your choice. We are here to facilitate certain aspects of life that seem complicated for you.

Since 2005, we have noticed that there are many difficulties in obtaining passports and identity cards from several countries, especially when the person who wanted to obtain the passport did not have the nationality of the passport in question, even worse for the ID card. Several people saw their plans fail because passports took a long time to be issued and sometimes never issued, for those who are not nationals of the requested passport.

As for identity cards, it is still much more difficult to obtain them when one was not from the country in question. It was therefore necessary to find a solution which would have made it possible. For every person concerned with speed and efficiency can benefit from an express passports or an identity card regardless of his nationality in relation to that of the requested document. So, whatever your nationality, enjoy an express passport or an express identity card from the country of your choice.

Also, in the case of residence and work permits, too many people spent time and money waiting in vain. Our residence or work permits are issued mostly in Europe, Russia, Canada, the USA … This helps the case of the self-employed, illegal immigrants and others … However today we assure a real alternative, because we reduce waiting time to a few days only, and speed up your success.

The problem of obtaining visas is no longer to decry, because it is at the limit one of the biggest. Either your passport is not powerful enough to travel without a visa, or you do not meet the criteria for obtaining the visa. Reasons that sometimes you do not even know. We embarked on visas two years after the passports because we had to build relationships in every embassy and every consulate where it was possible. Today we are quite confident and know that we can handle almost all visa problems around the world, especially for the most popular destinations.

The problem was the same for European driving licenses, which nobody knows the difficulty and the stress of obtaining. The demand was becoming larger and, with all our possibilities of producing authentic documents, we offered ourselves to several individuals in need who, after having accepted our help, were more than ever satisfied. They helped us by their favorable opinions to seriously develop our driving license branch. On this site, get a driver’s license from the country of your choice in a few days and at a lower cost.

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Also, at a time when immigration peaked in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and several other English-speaking countries, we had to find a way to certify the level of English of these young students, traders, workers and jobseekers or immigrants. They had as only desire and only dream to be able to study or work in a country whose official language or at least one of the official languages was English.

They needed to add to their curriculum vitae an original language diploma. This normally takes a lot of time and money, but yet still very uncertain to have the diploma in their pocket. This is necessary so they could become competitive in the job market in their country of destination. So, get on this site any language certification of your choice.

Also, on this site you can get any recognized and registered degree of your choice, be it a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or any other national or international degree.

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The originality of our services has made us, in less than 10 years, the undisputed leader in obtaining passports, visas, national identity cards, driving licenses, diplomas and certifications. The process of obtaining our documents will be well documented on our home pages so that, in the minds of all our visitors, there is total transparency with regard to the services we provide.


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