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Here, we present in detail the main types of passports recognized around the world. The electronic passport, the biometric passport and the optical passport or passport with optical reading. Enjoy the reading.

The Electronic Passport

An electronic passport, also called a first-generation biometric passport, is an improved passport compared to an optical or conventional passport. The main difference is the addition of an electronic component. This component, also called chip, contains information previously recorded during its manufacture. Information including a digital photo and the identity information present on the first page of the passport or simply the second page. Valid for 10 years, it is used today by nearly 130 countries.

Owning such a passport is advantageous in terms of security because it is almost impossible that someone reads the information on your chip without your consent. Indeed, the chip can be read at a maximum distance of 10 cm from the reader. And even if it came accidentally that it is read by undesired person, there is no fear because the information cannot be altered. Another advantage for this passport is that it is done at all ages unlike conventional passport. It also facilitates border crossings in many countries like the US and Canada. The fact that it contains a chip does not mean that it is traceable. It is not traceable, many might believe it is because it has a chip, but be assured, this chip has no source of electric energy.

The only hypothetical disadvantage that this passport can have is a malfunction of the chip which until today has been reported among more than 123 countries that use it, including Great Britain, France, the USA and Canada.

Biometric passport

The biometric passport or second-generation electronic passport is the last known version of a computerized passport after the e-Passport. It is also equipped with a microchip but with the difference that it contains in addition to identity information and digital photo, digitized fingerprints of the 8 fingers of its owner. All this allows automatic identification and thus maximum security. It has been issued in several countries since 2009, like the 28 countries of the European Union, and its adoption continues to grow.

Possessing such a passport leads to many advantages, including that of the electronic passport but even more secure with the addition of digitized fingerprints stored in the chip.

As for the electronic passport, there is only one hypothetical disadvantage which is the dysfunction of the electronic chip. This malfunction has never been recorded since 2006 since it has been popularized in more than 130 countries already including the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

Optical Passport

An optical passport or optical reading also called passport Delphine is the first passport of the new generation of passport with computerized data. Its particularity is a code that is located on the width at the end of page 2 of the passport. This code, called a bar code, stores the personal information of the passport holder. The code in question is formed on two lines of letters, numbers and chevrons decipherable automatically on scanner. This passport was created in 2001 and is mandatory in several countries in 2003 as in the USA, and in 2004 it is adopted by all 188 countries that had the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

As a result, being a holder of such a passport has several advantages such as being able to travel in several countries of the world because it must be noted today it is the most used. It is secure because it was designed with this in mind. It is done at all ages. It is very useful for border traffic especially for member countries of the European Union, Great Britain, USA, Canada etc.

The disadvantage for this passport is that it is certainly used but is no longer issued in some countries that would already like to switch to biometrics like Canada.

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