Buy here, Passports, visas, residence and work permits, national identity cards, diplomas, certifications, and driving licenses from the countries of your choice. Here, all your documents are easy to obtain. You get your documents within a few days after placing the order. To have the majority of these services legally, it is not very easy. Because, most of the time, one is either blocked by a procedure too long or too complex. Being it for the visas, or let’s say a problem of nationality for the passports, national identity cards, residence permit or work permits. Even educationally by a problem diplomas, certifications and driving licenses. Here you get what you could never get elsewhere. Genuine services with trust and understanding, no third party involved.

Rules on the purchase of travel documents

What is the method of elaboration of the documents that we provide?

If we have become one of the undisputed market leaders in obtaining the above documents, it is primarily thanks to the speed of our services, but above all, thanks to the transparency of our processes. Because, in fact, the majority of our customers, even before placing their order, are already reassured because they know pretty much about the procedure with which their documents will be designed and delivered. In case of any doubt, we are available. The methods we use differ from each other depending on the documents we provide.

Methods of issuing passports, identity cards, residence and work permits and driving licenses

Passports, national identity cards, driving licenses, residence and work permits, regardless of their country of origin are printed by administrative machines which are at our disposal. This is only possible after the customer has sent to us his personal information via email. Then, since the advent of  passports with chips, smart driving licenses and national ID cards, and biometric residence permits, our computer engineers in collaboration with our connects work hard to introduce your data  into the system as well as in the microchips. This makes our documents valid with no competition. We represent the underground government of different countries. The hidden side of the government.

All our documents contains updated information provided by the holder and verifiable. This second phase gives these documents their originality and makes it easier for the client to use his document with no constraint. However, some customers, for some reasons do not wish to be registered in databases, which we respect.

Method of obtaining visas

As for our visa procedure, it is quite simple, but also strongly depends on the country of destination of the passport in which the visa is assigned and the type of visa. It can be summarized by the fact that the client just sends us the scanned copy of his passport and we take care of the procedures for obtaining his visa, regardless of the type of visa by producing all the necessary documents to obtain the visa of the concerned.

However, the relative complexity of obtaining certain visas allowed us to collaborate with several contacts in the embassies and consulates, whose main role is to get us out of difficult situations in a short time. In short, after having submitted the scanned copy of your passport, we will contact you after 15 days at the latest so that you send us the original of your passport so that the visa is affixed.

Method of obtaining English language diplomas and certification

For diplomas and certifications, masters and others, we design and print them quite easily with the customer’s desired number of points or average as well as personal information required. Then we record them in the archives of an accredited university corresponding to the diploma or the certification. For some degrees, registration is based on their nature and the needs of the client, as the client may have additional recommendations.

Why buy a passport on this site?

Many of our clients are very honest people who have different reasons for wanting to buy a passport.

Some come from countries whose passports are not powerful enough, and therefore do not have a large number of country possibilities in which they can travel without a visa. Therefore, they want to get passports among the most powerful in the world such as the United States, Germany or any passport more powerful than theirs. Thus, with a passport powerful enough, they can go to a destination of their choice, either for business, or to study or work.

Rules for Buying Driver Licenses Online

Others do so to have the nationality of the country in question and thus enjoy all the privileges relating to citizenship in this country, and also to move relatively freely in the country in question without being embarrassed. Others use passports to create bank accounts and other monetary transactions, some do so to visit their refugee families in hard-to-reach countries like Turkey, Greece, Italy, and others.

Why buy an ID card on this site?

Those who buy identity cards on our site usually have a fairly simple need, that of nationality. These are the ones who want to acquire the same rights as other people in a country that is not theirs. Except that the identity card is only useful when the customer is already in the country in question. Many clients also need to purchase the national ID card to legally enforce passport procedures.

Why order a visa on this site?

The visa, we all know, is almost always more difficult to obtain than the passport. Because the procedure of obtaining it is not as mechanical as that of the passport. Several customers tell us that they tried in vain to obtain it by the normal way before contacting us.

Important information about driving license

One of our customers who has ordered more than three visas already on our site told us that his passport is very weak (i.e. cannot reach several destinations without a visa), he could not withstand waiting visa procedures which could last for certain visas for more than 2 years. Most of our clients are businessmen who sometimes rally several destinations a month and do not have enough time to wait for procedures to obtain visas by law.

Why buy a residence permit or work permit on this site?

Many people do not always want to spend their entire life in their country of origin, and sometimes want to go to work abroad for a while, for reasons that may be more or less important. However, the procedures for obtaining a residence or work permit, which is essential for working in a country they covet, are often long and difficult. Sometimes the procedure is even longer than the length of stay that the applicant asks … It becomes more interesting to place a simple order on this site and to be delivered in a few days only…

Why buy a driver’s license on this site?

There are several reasons why people buy a driver’s license on this site. First, the cost of the document obtained legally is around 3000 euros. This amount is very far from the price of the document on this site. You could get the driving license at a price less than one thousand euros, regardless of the nationality of the requested driving license. Also, the difficulty of driving license exams especially in Europe, is a real problem even for those who know how to drive.

Buy a driver’s license now

However, the driving license, we know it is generally a diploma in its own right as it favors the obtaining of several types of employment and several jobs like truck driver, tractor driver, pizza delivery agent, the work of personal driver, courier…. Also, obtaining the document can take them several months while our customers seek to have it by the normal way. Yet, they say, on this site a few days are enough. That is a point of satisfaction

Why get on this site diplomas and certifications ?

Obtaining a diploma through our services is generally due to the fact that, for certain trips and destinations, our clients need degrees that reflect their level of education. Most of the times, their level in English language. Also, for visa applications to English-speaking destinations, it is usually mandatory to provide English language accreditation.

Our clients also often need some Masters and several other types of degrees that we custom design and put everything in place to register them. We assure our registrations in the most accredited universities and institutions.

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  1. creedavis

    Document received last night, despite a 12h delay that scared me, but I think it’s okay now.

  2. cyrildurkio

    Thank you for my international English language degree. The only diploma I missed for applying to an international firm.

  3. transitcreator

    I finally got the job I wanted in my company thanks to the diploma you almost gave me. It’s better now at work. More respect, more money.

  4. Suzan

    Can we have problems with the police when buying a driver’s license on this site? Or should we just try to avoid having to deal with the police when we are driving?

    1. alllegaldocsonline.com

      No, no police to avoid, no police chasing you. The reason we’ve been around this long is because there have never been any complaints about the documents we provide. As the driver’s license purchased here is legal and registered in all the required databases, there is no concern about possible electronic verification by the police. Because they use government databases in which we have previously recorded the documents we produce so as not to mislead our buyers who trust us so much in error. For more information on obtaining a driver’s license on our site, contact us.

  5. Timberly

    Hello, I received my document 6 days ago. I had some doubts but if everything continues to go so well, I will come back here for the Class C driving license. I also have several friends who would like to take advantage of your services. Now that I know this is real and that I am satisfied, many of my entourage will be able to benefit from my advice on your site to obtain their document.

  6. Jacob

    My document was recently withdrawn following a serious traffic violation and my license withdrawn for an indefinite period. And it takes a lot of time and money. I am really stressing out a lot these days because it is thanks to this document that I am working. Can I get an A B permit urgently ??

    1. alllegaldocsonline.com

      Of course, here we can bypass the need for an exam and the consequence of a license suspension and allow you to buy a genuine driver’s license. All you need to do is contact us and place your order, pay both installments of the payment (which is 1300 euros for both categories in total) and get your document 5-6 days later. The first part of the payment is made when ordering and the second after the document is presented to you in images for verification of spelling conformity.

  7. Willian

    Do you urgently need a B permit? How long ?? Is the document saved ??

  8. Smith

    I have my brother who recommended this site to me a week ago because this is where he got the license he currently works with as a taximan. With his document he was even able to obtain professional transport accreditation after all the driving license checks required for the procedure. This is why I would like to know if I can have three categories at once, ie, A, B and C. I need them for deliveries of fragile packages.

    1. alllegaldocsonline.com

      We sincerely ask you to thank your brother for us because it is mainly on the basis of such testimonials that our company gains more and more credibility. In addition, his independent testimony gives us strong proof that the recording of the documents that we make is flawless, which we already knew. Your A B C license will be available 6 days after ordering and will cost you 1350 pounds for the 3 categories in one. For the procedure, we will give it to you by email and for delivery it will be at the exact address you have given us, through a known transport agency.

  9. Jacob

    Good evening, just to say that I just received my document and that I will finally be able to drive without problem and take advantage of the many opportunities available to me in my hometown that I love. I just told my dad that I got the license and he’s very proud of me. It wouldn’t have been possible without your precious help. Thank you for everything, thank you to your team.

    1. alllegaldocsonline.com

      Thank you for trusting us, our existence is based on the beautiful experiences we give to our customers, which leads them to recommend us to their loved ones.

  10. Thomas

    I’m not going to lie, with the experiences of my brothers and sisters, about the driving license test. I don’t really want to do it because the outcome might be the same after so long and wasted money. I would like to buy an AB driver’s license here. How’s it going ??

    1. alllegaldocsonline.com

      Get your document here securely and avoid the hassle of lengthy driving school procedures. An AB license here will cost you 1300 euros payable in two installments. You will get it in a very short time. And it will be registered in all required databases.

  11. Sabrina

    Je veux achter permis de conduite B je reside en Belgique svp dites moi le prix? et dite moi cest un authentique et legale et bien enregistré dans tous les données de bases donc aucun problème avec la police ou quiconque, et comment je saurais vérifier son enregistrement svp


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